Everybody is into Yoga and Meditation…..

Everybody is into Yoga and Meditation…..

My new article on Ananda Ashram...It's so wonderful there...

Don’t miss the opportunity to go to the Ashram…. just an 1 1/2 from NYC….

See you there.

My NEW REIKI table…  I can’t wait to get it!!  Y’all come around for some Reiki

My NEW REIKI table…  I can’t wait to get it!!  Y’all come around for some Reiki

Please check out my article on Alex.  He is coming to NYC this month…

Please check out my article on Alex.  He is coming to NYC this month…

The best place to buy skincare in Manhattan

IT IS OFFICIAL!  New York is the very best place to be for anti-aging skincare products. And you need to go no further than APTHORP PHARMACY nestled  in the magnificent APTHORP BUILDING at 2201 Broadway at 78th Street.  APTHORP PHARMACY has been around since 1910.


Once you get there ask for Frances, she is a Skin Care Pro, and she will guide you.

I told Frances, a beautiful woman with an incredible mane of white hair,  that I wanted to introduce my readers to something to achieve the very best results.  And she lead me right to LaPeau from Switzerland, which until now has only been seen in European Spas. 

It’s an amazing story of 2 sisters who employed a team of Doctors and Bio Tech engineers  to develop a revolutionary complex of peptide, molecular and antioxidants.   What that means to you is that the results are overwhelmingly dramatic.   Breakthrough technology reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 28% in 28 days, and it is 1/2 gel and 1/2 cream.  There is no glycerine or heavy cream to sit on your skin.  The entire product and all of its nutrients are totally absorbed by your skin.   Until now only found in European Spas, La Peau is now available here in New York at the APTHORP PHARMACY.

Help is on the way ladies and it is LaPeau!!

There are only 3 products and they all contain the BeCell Complex!!

NIGHT CREAM-GEL: AGE DEFYING COMPLEX  is so different that any other night cream you have ever used.  First of all it is gel-cream and gently purifies your skin in order to allow for total absorption of  the firming and nourishing complex.  Then the active fragments of the BeCell Complex penetrates your skin cells and repairs them…  Use every night on a clean face.  30ml - 1 fl oz 

DAY CREAM-GEL: HYDRATING COMPLEX will provide your skin with protective and healing hydration all day.  It doesn’t just sit on your skin, like other creams, is totally absorbed.   That means that it immediately begins to restore your firmness, smoothness and elasticity…  I have tried this gel-cream and it went on  smoothly and left no residue on my skin.. All the goodies are absorbed and are working hard to give you the beautiful skin you want and deserve… 30 ml - 1 fl oz

EYE CONTOUR: SOOTHING & REPLENISHING  because of the gel-cream formulation all the BeCell complex is immediately absorbed and begins to

stimulate your cellular metabolism which, sad to say, decreases as we age.  But now you can count on smoothing and minimizing wrinkles.  You can look forward to seeing a natural and fresh appearance in 28 days. Pat  gently around your entire eye once or twice a day.  I would suggest that you use this twice a day.  Once in the morning and once at bedtime

for best results…   15 ml - 1/2 fl oz

This exceptional skincare line has helped many women gain back their self esteem by making them feel and look great”, added Dr Elias Michael (MD, Board certified Dermatologist & Dermatologic surgeon; Associate Professor of Dermatology at Columbia University, NYC).


La Peau Skin Care

Apthorp Pharmacy

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